Review: H&M Lipgloss

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started.

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Click on the image to like us on Facebook!

I posted today on Facebook a photo and I talked about some lipgloss I bought recently and I thought I could share with guys, obviously! I went to H&M a couple of weeks ago and I bought some makeup to test. A bronzer, the lipstick I told you guys I hateeeeeeeeee, an eyeliner (awful as well), and the lipgloss.

SDC12144I bought this Plum color, I don’t remember the exact name but anyways, I’ll edit this post later with the name of the color (if I remember, damn it! haha) called “You Make Me Smile”. There were red and pink colors, but I fell in love with this plum. I think it looks elegant and oh well, I bought it!! The consistency is really.. sticky, you know? Like when you hair sticks to your mouth when you are wearing a lipgloss, hahaha.


The color is a little bit difficult to apply by itself, without any lipstick or base on the lips, because you need to be careful to make it even. I mean, you can achieve the glossy look, but I bet that with a lipstick underneath it will be even better! I don’t have any lipstick to match this color so that’s why I apply only the lipgloss. It was US$4,95 and you can buy it online at H&M website as well. Now let’s take a look at some photos:


SDC12161 SDC12158 SDC12168 SDC12169 SDC12171I think it looks darker than what the photo shows but anyways, I love the color and it stays for some good time on the lips. If you don’t like the sticky feeling of a lipgloss, don’t even bother in trying it hahaha. But I don’t mind and I think it gives the lips the glossy look, which is fabulous! 🙂

Ok, that’s it! I’ll talk to you guys soon, I have so many cool things to show you, but I’m heading back to Brazil so I don’t have time right now :/



    1. Aw, thank you! I love playing with colors when it comes to nail polish and lipsticks! Thank you, I followed you as well and I’m gonna check your blog! 🙂

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