Having straight hair in Brazil is something that most women want and we have loads of chemicals to make it happen. Products that contain formaldehyde are very popular and we even have the permanent blow dry, that literally breaks the natural shape of the hair and make it lay flat on your head without having to re-touch the ends again (only the roots when it’s growing). I can’t count how many stories I heard of people losing their hair, having severe allergies to the chemicals and even having problems with the hair growing back after awhile.

I will show you now something that a few Brazilian Boggers and women are testing and loving: how to straighten your hair using oil. We call it “humectation” in Brazil and I am amazed with the results everytime I see someone talking about it.


It is a process of restoring the natural lipids, vitamins, fat and healthy oil to your hair fibers using natural  extra virgin oil.


Any extra virgin oil: coconut oil (the best), olive oil, castor beans oil, 100% pure argan oil, corn oil, soy oil (these last two are not as good as the first ones), any vegetable oil you can find. It has to be pure (without any parafin, mineral oil, etc) and preferable extra virgin.


Not at all. If you already have oily hair, remember that oil combats oil. Which means that your hair needs a good amount of natural concentrated nutrients and vitamins to stop producing so much oil.


It all depends on how damaged your hair is and how curly/wavy/straight it naturally is. The curlier the hair, the longer it takes. Some girls take up to 2 year doing it every week to have a long healthy and super straight hair. It you are more to the wavy to straight type of hair, it’ll take 6 months. If your hair is completely straight and you just want it to shine more and become healthier, then in a month you will see results. It must become something in your hair routine for a long period of time.


There are a few ways to use those oils but the best one is this one:

  • apply oil to the dry hair and let it soak in for at least 3 hours (the longer, the better), then wash like you normally wash your hair afterwards. Do it ONCE every week.

You can’t do it more than once a week or your hair will receive more good fat than it can handle. It might become heavy looking and greasy.

I am posting this because I find it fascinating how natural pure vegetable oils can be used to straighten the hair. Here are some before and after photos from Brazilian ladies:

For those seeking a natural beauty routine, I recommend including coconut oil in your hair routine! I hope you like it!


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