Having straight hair in Brazil is something that most women want and we have loads of chemicals to make it happen. Products that contain formaldehyde are very popular and we even have the permanent blow dry, that literally breaks the natural shape of the hair and make it lay flat on your head without having to re-touch the ends again (only the roots when it’s growing). I can’t count how many stories I heard of people losing their hair, having severe allergies to the chemicals and even having problems with the hair growing back after awhile.

I will show you now something that a few Brazilian Boggers and women are testing and loving: how to straighten your hair using oil. We call it “humectation” in Brazil and I am amazed with the results everytime I see someone talking about it.


It is a process of restoring the natural lipids, vitamins, fat and healthy oil to your hair fibers using natural  extra virgin oil.


Any extra virgin oil: coconut oil (the best), olive oil, castor beans oil, 100% pure argan oil, corn oil, soy oil (these last two are not as good as the first ones), any vegetable oil you can find. It has to be pure (without any parafin, mineral oil, etc) and preferable extra virgin.


Not at all. If you already have oily hair, remember that oil combats oil. Which means that your hair needs a good amount of natural concentrated nutrients and vitamins to stop producing so much oil.


It all depends on how damaged your hair is and how curly/wavy/straight it naturally is. The curlier the hair, the longer it takes. Some girls take up to 2 year doing it every week to have a long healthy and super straight hair. It you are more to the wavy to straight type of hair, it’ll take 6 months. If your hair is completely straight and you just want it to shine more and become healthier, then in a month you will see results. It must become something in your hair routine for a long period of time.


There are a few ways to use those oils but the best one is this one:

  • apply oil to the dry hair and let it soak in for at least 3 hours (the longer, the better), then wash like you normally wash your hair afterwards. Do it ONCE every week.

You can’t do it more than once a week or your hair will receive more good fat than it can handle. It might become heavy looking and greasy.

I am posting this because I find it fascinating how natural pure vegetable oils can be used to straighten the hair. Here are some before and after photos from Brazilian ladies:

For those seeking a natural beauty routine, I recommend including coconut oil in your hair routine! I hope you like it!


New Haircut!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Click on the image to like us on Facebook!

I’m here just to give you all a quick update about my new haircut! I decided to cut my hair a little bit because I still had some blonde ends (I used to dye my hair pink/red underneath so I stopped and it was a loooong time to let it grow as much as necessary to cut the bleached ends!), so I cut it all (actually there are some tiny ends still) and I decided to give more attention to my hair. I’m on a budget lately, so I can’t spend lots of money, but I’ll try to do my best with everything I have at home. So I’ll make a hair calendar and I’ll give you an update about what I’ve been using and what I think about the products! But first, some photos of my new haircut.




As you can see, I am still having some problematic spots on my face, but I’m doing my best to clear my skin! 🙂

CHEAP AND AWESOME! Review: Pantene OverNight Miracle Serum

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Click on the image to like us on Facebook!

Hey, guys! I am back to Brazil, but the blog won’t stop. I just needed some days to realize I came back here, and unpack my stuff (even though I didn’t unpack yet, haha! Laaaazy). But I am here today to talk to you guys about something I LOVE and I regret the fact that I did not buy another one to bring to Brazil with me, cause I’ll stay here for some months and the one I have won’t last too long. Stopping with the mystery, this is what I am talking about:

Pantene OverNight Miracle Serum

I saw this at Walmart and it’s around US$6 or 7 dollars, depending on where you are buying this. Basically, like the name says itself, it is an Overnight Miracle, for when you are desperate and need your hair perfect for the next day. During the night is when our bodies regenerate our cells and restore our energy for the next day. The ‘Sleeping Mode’ is made to repair our body from everything ‘wrong’ that is going on with us. This Serum helps our hair, promising that it will erase 6 months of hair damage in just one night. Do you believe in miracles? Well, now I do!

The only thing you need to do is to apply this serum on to your hair before you sleep. It looks like this:

Consistency: It is not a thick Serum, it is very light.

Fragrance: It has a floral smell, which I love. It is not too strong, it does not bother me and the pillow does not smell the day after.

When you apply: The hair absorbs the Serum really quick, it doesn’t leave the hair thick or oily, it’s like you didn’t apply anything onto your hair.

The next morning: The hair feels really smooth and soft, you can feel that it hydrates the hair and even the dry end of your hair will look and feel amazing!

Obviously that if your hair is really damaged, you cannot rely only on this to make your hair healthy. Healthy hair and body depend on several different things, including what you eat. So stay healthy to stay beautiful! I know that because my skin is TERRIBLE because in USA I was eating like there was no tomorrow, but guess what? Tomorrow is always here, and my skin is showing me what those evil foods did  to me. I’ll show you pictures when I finish testing a new acne product! I hope the before and after pictures will be worth it!

Anyway, back to the product. I think you all should definitely buy this product if you are looking for something quick and literally overnight, without having to wash your hair and apply some mask or hair treatment.

Have you ever used this Serum? What do you think about it? Comment and let’s talk about it!

I’ll talk to you guys soon, bye!

Review: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Click on the image to like us on Facebook!

Sometimes our hair likes to be a rebel kid right before that party or event we are waiting for moooonths and months, right? I know about you guys, but sometimes I just can’t get my hair the way I like. It seems like it has its own life with bad and good mood. Oh well.. I’ll show you guys a picture of when my hair used to be a rebel kid:


I guess I don’t need to explain much. I had pink hair (even though in this photo the color was fading), a billions pounds more than right now and can you see how my hair was damaged? Damn, this picture is just too much to me.

So, after realizing that I was killing my hair and thinking that nature could do its job, that products won’t affect anything, I decided to stop and re-think my life. I started to really enjoy taking care of myself, even though I still have a lot to improve and perfect. I don’t spend lots of money buying products that are more expensive than what I earn every month (haha just kidding. Or maybe not). I found out that some cheap “drugstore” products can be good (in a short period of time). And that’s how I found the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Treatment for those desperate moments.


It is an intensive treatment that acts on the hair for 3 minutes. How does it work? Like it is written on the bottle, you apply on your hair after you washed it with shampoo and then you think about your life for 2:45 minutes (because the other 15 seconds you spent applying the product on the hair! Hahaha). The explanation of the packaging is really fun. After 3 minutes, just rinse it off and you’re good to go! You don’t need to apply hair conditioner after this treatment.


Ok, this is a desperate treatment for when you need your hair perfect for some event (or just for the simple fact that you like to stay beautiful all the time). It’s not a long-term treatment, but it does make a difference. Especially if you do that every other day,or every three days, it’s a good ‘slap in the face’ for your hair (haha ah my brazilian expressions..), something to say ‘HEY, hair.. Wake up *slap*’. This product does not make your hair greasy or heavy, it makes the hair have a smooth finish, bright and soft. I really like it. And do you know the best part? It costs US$3,00 at Walmart. Say whaaat? Perfect, right? I don’t use this product all the time, but whenever I buy it and use it, ahhh, the magic happens! This is a photo of my hair right now:





I couldn’t find a perfect photo of my hair so here you can see several different pictures! I think my hair still needs improvement but it’s WAY better than before! I wonder how people let me walk around with that colorful horrible and damaged hair. Hahaha! Ah, we grow up and become more mature and aware of what’s good and what is not good.

I’m not saying it  is all thanks to this Aussie treatment, but it helps a lot! 🙂

Ok, time to go! I’ll talk to you guys later! I’m heading back to Brazil on Saturday so I apologize in advance if I don’t post for a while. But don’t forget: stay beautiful!