5 Ways to Prevent Your Cell Phone From Causing Breakouts!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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So.. Are you having to deal with adult acne and breakouts and have no idea what to do anymore? I would spend tons of money trying to buy the best product to clear my skin, I would make natural facial masks and apply on my face, use my oatmeal trick to get rid of acne, but… What I didn’t know is that my iPhone was the main reason why my skin was breaking out! Obviously that acne can be caused by different reasons, such as: unbalanced hormones, allergy, dirty hair, very oily skin, bangs (yeah!).. But if none of these things happen to you or affect you a lot, maybe your phone is the villain here.

Let’s just stop for a second and think about it:

Your phone is always in your backpack, purse, bag, jeans pockets, on the table, in the car, on the bar table next to your food and drinks, sometimes you drop it and it touches the dirty sidewalk and streets around the city.. It happens to all of us.


Now can you imagine the amount of bacterias that are touching your skin rght now? No wonder why you might get those breakouts all the time. If your breakouts appear always on a specific side of your face, take a look and think if it isn’t the same side you use to talk on your phone. Is it? Now you have your answer. Not only the bacterias on your phone, but a bunch of things together can be the reason why you can never have a clear skin. Stop using products that contain alcohol in its formula, stop touching your face all the time! Your hands are also really dirty throughout the day and it’s not healthy to touch your face and give a ride to the bacterias and gross things!

Ok, ,what can we do to avoid this, or at least minimize the consequences?

1. Try to avoid placing your phone in dirty places (such as public seats, benches, restroom sinks, bar and restaurants (when going out, try to put a napkin underneath your phone, it helps a lot!),

2. STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE! Seriously, just stop. I am guilty because I am always supporting my big head with my hands on my chin or cheek, which is so unhealthy! Try to avoid doing it!

3. Use headphones whenever possible. If you are not used to using headphones to make or answer a call, at least try to keep a distance between your face and the phone while making a call. Or try to just touch the ears and not the whole cheek while talking on the phone.

4. Take advantage of apps and programs like Skype, Facetime, Viber, or any type of program that allows you to interact with people through video and voice at the same time! It brings people together, it is more fun and you are not touching your face with your dirty phone!


5. Clean your phone regularly with a little bit of alcohol (liquid or gel). Take a very soft cloth or paper towels, napkins and wet with just a little bit of alcohol. Clean your phone and you will feel the difference right away! Do it at least once a week!

Step 5 for me is the most important of all. If you are always on the street, in bars and restaurants, put in your purse or backpack an alcohol gel and some tissues, for occasional cleaning! For example, if you drop the phone on the ground, immediately take it and clean it with alcohol you have in the bag :). Simple and super efficient!

Small actions can completely change the way we treat our bodies! Share this tip with friends!


Try to avoid beauty products that contain alcohol!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Do you love that dry clean sensation after cleansing or applying an alcohol based product on your face? We all do. Or at least, I used to. And I’ll explain why!

I’ve always had a toner or astringent containing a good percentage of alcohol in my beauty products. It was part of my beauty routine and I would die without it. I could feel my skin so clean and refreshed after. I used to apply the astringent with a cotton ball and I would feel that cool sensation on my skin. Who doesn’t love that? Well, our skin doesn’t.

Alcohol is very commom in beauty products, and it can be the most active ingredient. I have a Neutrogena astringent that contains 45% of alcohol in its formula! Can you believe that? It’s like applying pure alcohol on your face! I was shocked when I saw it. Alcohol is used by companies to make thick and sticky skin-care products more watery and pleasant to the skin. Nobody likes that thick cream and the more serum-like the product is, the more we like it! The alcohol also helps the skin product to last longer and prevent bacterias and fungus to develop in the product. Not only that, but alcohol helps the other active ingredients to penetrate the skin better, by breaking down the surface barrier of the skin, which… is not a good thing, let’s be honest.

We can think that alcohol evaporates quickly and it doesn’t stay long on the skin, but its effects are instant. The moment alcohol touches the skin, the problems begin. We feel our skin oil-free, dry, and apparently clean. But what we don’t know is that our skin loses its natural moisture and water. As a result, our skin freaks out and tries to balance this lack of moisture, by producing even more oil than normal. So the more you think you are getting rid of the oil in your face, the more your skin is producing oil to balance things. Then you apply more and more alcohol based products, and things get into a never ending cycle!! In a long term, this cycle causes many side effects such as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, skin inflammation, itching, burning, skin flaking, roughness, etc. Yes, this is true!

Since I stopped using my astringent with alcohol I noticed an improvement even in my fine lines. My skin is not as oily as before and is healthier. Who knew that a product to stop the oil would be causing the skin to produce more oil? My tip for you is to avoid alcohol based products and choose the alcohol-free skin-care products instead. Now the beauty companies are aware that we have an eye on the ingredients and are trying to make healthier and more natural beauty products! We all love it!

And as always, stay beautiful!

I regret buying: Apricot Scrub? TERRIBLE PRODUCT.

Hello, hello! Time to save money and never buy this product again! So come on and let’s get started!

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So.. I know that I’m not uploading as I should, and that my last post was on may. But I have lots of (excuses) reasons! I came back to Brazil and I’ve been working my ass off since then. June was the busiest and craziest month of my life and it was so much stress that even my body freaked out. Like.. literally. So I apologize for the lack os posts, but I promise I’ll try to be a good girl and talk to you guys more often. I enjoy writing in English and I love the blog! But let’s talk a little bit about a nightmare..

Why should we exfoliate our faces? Exfoliation is meant to remove the dead skin cells off of our body, the oldest ones. And why? So our pores are clean, it makes our body renew our skin cells and we feel the bright smooth skin after that. It is such a good feeling! I love it. I guess that everyone knows about the famous Apricot Scrub by St. Ives, right? Well, it is a scrub that…”Gently removes dirt, oil and dead skin cells without clogging pores. Oil free. Reveals smooth, healthy, more radiant skin with use of natural exfoliants that gently remove dull, dead skin cells.“. What a miracle product! I am Brazilian and I always on a budget so I decided to try the CVS Apricot Scrub, which is the same as the St. Ives one.

Credit: Anonymous Hauls and Reviews

I started to scrub my face everyday while I was taking a shower, it was an amazing feeling of rocks rubbing my face while I thought they were cleaning my skin and removing all dead skin cells! This scrub is really rough, it is not gentle AT ALL. It feels like those files that you use on the walls to remove the paint. But ok, it was for a good cause, and I was using it like I meant it. After awhile, still in USA, I saw that my face was so sensitive, so bumpy and soooooo bad. I couldn’t understand what was going on, because my face had never been so bad before.

Yes, my face looked like that when I came back to Brazil. I didn’t even want to take pictures so I apologize for the bad quality. I thought this was caused by the Revlon Colorstay Foundation, but even when I stopped wearing it, I was still getting those pimples and horrible bumps all over my face.

Making the story short…

I watched some videos and professional people saying that we shouldn’t exfoliate our skin everyday, especially if it’s a rough scrub, like the one I was using… Oh well, I was doing it everyday, I guess it wasn’t the right thing to do, hehe. THEN I saw a cosmetologist saying that nobody should ever use this Apricot Scrub, not even once a week. Because it is too rough and she wouldn’t recommend it to any of her worst enemies, ever! I was shocked when I watched this Youtube video and then I realized my problem could be caused by the Apricot Scrub. I decided it was time to stop.

After a loooong time without even touching the scrub, my face started to clear a little bit. I still suffer with blackheads and some bumps on my right cheek, but it is so much better now.

Now I’ve been using the Grapefruit Gentle Scrub by Neutrogena, and I only use it two or three times a week. It is a huge difference and I feel like people should stop using the Apricot Scrub. At leasy my skin suffered a lot with it. Be careful when you are exfoliating your skin, guys!!! It is a serious thing and I feel like it is supposed to be done only by professionals!

How to make you concealer last forever! Quick and easy!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Hey, I know.. I know that I’ve been gone, but I’ve been working so much lately. I even worked this sunday because of Easter, can you believe it? So I don’t have any free time not even to do my nails as often as I like to do them, hahaha! But I came here today to share with you something that I learned and it has been helping me a lot lately! Here in Brazil is really hot (I live in a city near Rio de Janeiro) and makeup is something that melts in 2 hours. Especially me, I have combination/oily skin and here is really humid. In USA I don’t have problems with oily skin, it actually gets really dry hahaha. But here is something awful. So I have to always keep an eye open for the tips and secrets to make the products last more than a couple of hours on my face! And I’ve found something very interesting to keep the concealer on for a long time! Let’s try it? You’ll need:

  • Your LIQUID concealer
  • Facial/Eye moisturizer
  • Primer (eyeshadow primer can be used as well!)

Did you get all these things? Promise? Let’s keep going then!

  1. Wash your face like you usually do, with your cleanser, tonic, astringent, etc.
  2. Apply your eye cream on your under eye area.
  3. Wait for your skin to absorb it, then re-apply the eye cream.
  4. Repeat the process.. Wait for it to dry and apply more eye cream.
  5. Apply a tiny little bit of primer under your eyes.
  6. Then apply your liquid concealer.
  7. IF you want, you can apply a little little little bit of powder, but it isn’t necessary!

What’s the big key? If you over hydrate your under eye area, it’ll be so smooth that your skin will not get dry and crease your concealer, especially because you applied the primer! And why do you need to use liquid and not cream or mousse concealer? Well, the liquid concealers usually dry really fast and don’t crease. Cream concealers are made to cover imperfections around the face, but once applied on the eyes, it tends to crease and show the little expression lines quickly. I tried those steps and my concealer lasted for longer than it usually do. And I live in a place where the makeup melts in two hours hahahahaha! I hope you will find this tip easy and awesome!


That’s it, guys! I’ll talk to you soon, I promise! Bye

Facial Collagen Mask Sheet

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Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

I’ve always wanted to try those facial mask sheets that make you look like a serial killer (like Jason or something..), really scary for some minutes. Anyways, like I was saying, I’ve always wanted to try those masks, but I didn’t want to spend US$15,00 buying only one, because come on.. Really? So, I was trying to find “good deals” at the dollar store, and I stepped on those masks. “umm”, I said to myself, “why not?”, so I bought it!


How much is this? At the dollar store, 1 dollar (Duh!). I know that there are several different brands and types of mask sheets, but to try for the first time, I thought this one was good enough. And I was right! What this mask is and what it does:

Moisturizing, Firming, Rejuvenating — for all skin types —

  • Revitalizes your skin by giving it an instant lifting effect.
  • Prevents and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

This mask is full of collagen, which is an important protein of the various connective tissues. I’m not going into details about it, because we all know this is not my main focus here. But collagen is something that we must increase the production in our body, for several different reasons, but my reason is simple: aging.

Collagen masks and creams improve the firmness and texture of your skin in the short term, but we need to try to make our bodies produce collagen by its own. Anyways, so.. the mask sheet! Hahaha. It comes in that package I just showed you guys and you must apply it on your clean face. Wash it, use your astringent or toner (if you have one) and apply the mask. I’m not gonna show you how it looks like on my entire face, because it’s just scary. So, here is a little bit of how it should look like:


When you apply the mask sheet, be sure to try to get rid of any bubbles or wrinkles it might have. But we all know that every face shape is different,and this mask is big (maybe to fit all face shapes), so it was kinda hard to make it straight.

Once you have applied it, just let it set for 20 minutes. It’s funny to walk around the house looking like Jason (the serial killer). After the 20 minutes, just take off the mask and gently massage the rest of the moisturizer onto your face. This particular mask I did not have to rinse it off or wash my face afterwards.

It feels amazing after! I swear to God! The skin feels so bright and soft and you can feel the difference. Those masks are not something that you should expect it to work for wrinkles and like an anti-aging product. I think they are more to give your skin the emergency lifting! For 1 dollar? Damn, it is worth it! You should try. This one is really good 🙂

I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye!

The benefits of Oatmeal to your skin

Hello, hello!

Before I start everything, I would like to invite you to read the ABOUT page of my blog to learn and understand a little bit more about me! Go ahead, click it, I’ll wait for you to read it before I start my post…

Did you read it? Promise? Ok, so let’s do this! 😉


Oatmeal.. Our grandmas used to eat it, babies eat, I eat it (come on, it is delicious with fruits, milk and cinnamon, smoothies!), but.. What’s the point of writing about oatmeal in a Beauty Blog? I’ll show you right now! First, let’s understand the benefits of oatmeal to our skin health:

  • Treatment of Acne:

Oatmeal is a great remedy to treat acne, because not only it has anti-inflammatory properties, but it heals the skin and prevents the redness caused by acne.

  • Skin Moisturizer, Lightening and Cleanser:

Oatmeal is effective in fighting dull, flaky dryness, working as a natural moisturizer and scrub. Applying oatmeal to your skin is an excellent moisturizer, because it holds the natural water in your skin, providing the skin to stay healthy and preventing any dryness it may occur. Not only that, but it’s a natural gentle scrub, getting rid of dead cells, and healing your skin at the same time. Some scrubs can be harsh on the skin, but oatmeal is gentle and natural. It’s recommended to all skin types. Oatmeal is known as a natural lightening, being used in cosmetics nowadays to clear the dark spots caused by acne, sun or aging.

  • Relieves Itchiness:

It is clinically effective in healing dry and itchy skin. it can be mixed with warm water to form a thick paste and applied over itchy skin to get immediate relief from itching.

Why does oatmeal do all that to our skin? Well, basically, oatmeal is rich in skin friendly ingredients, such as A and B “oat” acid, pantothenic acid, salicylic acid, vitamins B1 and B2, beta-glucan and a high % of amino acids. It has anti-oxidants, which protects the skin from free radicals and it is anti-inflammatory. Oatmeal is great to all skin types. From oily to dry skin, it’ll work doing just what you need to achieve the clean, bright, healthy and perfect skin. I tried it, my face looked so much better after I started to wash it using oatmeal. I didn’t stop using my cosmetics, but I just added the oatmeal to my beauty routine.
Team oatmeal, yay!

Ok, Renata.. But how can I do this? Well, well, well, I’m here to teach you:

 Why do I talk like that? I guess it’s the video-phobia. Anyways, I’ll see you guys soon! 😉