black nail polish

The dark side of French Manicure!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Click on the image to like us on Facebook!

So, everyone knows French manicure, right? The delicate and simple light color base and white on the tip of the nails. So pretty, feminine and clean! But.. I’m not a delicate person, so I made it dark and rebel 😉

I simply took a black nail polish and a matte black nail polish to make this look. I am not going to teach girls how to do their nails, BUT just to let you know a tip.. If you are like me and don’t know how to make those straight lines, wait for the nail polish to dry really well and just apply a tape to make the perfect line with the nail polish you’ll use to make the french thing. This post is more an inspiration post rather than a ‘how to’. I hope you find it awesome and try it!

If you don’t have a matte black nail polis around you, just apply a matte top coat 🙂