REVIEW: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – San Paulo

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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I’ve been gone but I always come back after awhile. I have two blogs and my main blog is the one I write in Portuguese so I apologize for the lack of posts here. Today I am going to talk about a NYX Lip Cream I bought a few months ago. NYX gives famous cities names to their Lip Creams, they have 20 or 22 shades and I couldn’t say no to my compulsive soul.. I bought the Lip Cream San Paulo, only because it’s named after a Brazilian City! 😉

San Paulo is an awesome pink shade, not too bright, not too nude. It’s the perfect pink for when you need that pop of color in your lips without going too over the top with it!



Those Lip Creams have a Matte finish and they are not dry like other Matte lipsticks I’ve tried before. Like the package says

“Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.”

And it’s true! It does not feel like a lipstick and it doesn’t feel like a lip gloss. It’s creamy, matte and smooth when applied. Like every matte lipgloss, you should treat your lips before (if they are flaky), and make sure it does not have any skin showing.

The only thing I don’t like so much about this lip cream is that it is hard to achieve the real color. You must really pay attention to the  details and apply it carefully. I need to apply several coats to build up the color, which can be annoying if you are in a hurry. But I am not easily annoyed with cosmetics in general so it doesn’t bother me. I love the fact that after you apply it, it dries pretty quick and you can even kiss your boyfriend and it won’t come off like a creamy normal lipstick.

I’m not sure if I would recommend it because I know some other people who have the same problem as me, and I’m talking about a light color. Can you imagine a darker color? It’s probably even worse to apply. I bought it at Target and the price range is around US$6,00. It’s worth trying it, maybe I will try another color just to make sure! 🙂


Milani Lipstick – Fruit Punch 11

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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I’m not sure if you guys know, but I am in love with Milani Lipsticks! They have amazing colors, are pigmented and stay on your lips foreeeeever! Not to mention they are only around US$5,59 (I don’t remember it for sure). I have 3 shades and today I am here to show you the color Fruit Punch – 11.



I have the Flamingo Rose and it’s brighter than this one, but similar. This is a bright pink, but lighter than the Flamingo Rose color! It’s freaking gorgeous! I am dying to buy the other colors, I want to test the dark ones! I have a brown and two pink Milani lipsticks!




What I like about the Milani Lipsticks is that they have an amazing smell (I like it, leave me alone hahahaha), and they are thick, but not dry. They are not like NYX lipsticks that looks like melted butter, nor dry as hell like some matte lipsticks. They are just.. right! The consistency is great, it lasts forever on your lips and the colors are to die for! Milani lipsticks are my secret weapon! Cheap and definitely AWESOME!





Check out my other Milani Lipstick post with the shade TEDDY BARE!

I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye!

Review: H&M Lipgloss

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started.

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I posted today on Facebook a photo and I talked about some lipgloss I bought recently and I thought I could share with guys, obviously! I went to H&M a couple of weeks ago and I bought some makeup to test. A bronzer, the lipstick I told you guys I hateeeeeeeeee, an eyeliner (awful as well), and the lipgloss.

SDC12144I bought this Plum color, I don’t remember the exact name but anyways, I’ll edit this post later with the name of the color (if I remember, damn it! haha) called “You Make Me Smile”. There were red and pink colors, but I fell in love with this plum. I think it looks elegant and oh well, I bought it!! The consistency is really.. sticky, you know? Like when you hair sticks to your mouth when you are wearing a lipgloss, hahaha.


The color is a little bit difficult to apply by itself, without any lipstick or base on the lips, because you need to be careful to make it even. I mean, you can achieve the glossy look, but I bet that with a lipstick underneath it will be even better! I don’t have any lipstick to match this color so that’s why I apply only the lipgloss. It was US$4,95 and you can buy it online at H&M website as well. Now let’s take a look at some photos:


SDC12161 SDC12158 SDC12168 SDC12169 SDC12171I think it looks darker than what the photo shows but anyways, I love the color and it stays for some good time on the lips. If you don’t like the sticky feeling of a lipgloss, don’t even bother in trying it hahaha. But I don’t mind and I think it gives the lips the glossy look, which is fabulous! 🙂

Ok, that’s it! I’ll talk to you guys soon, I have so many cool things to show you, but I’m heading back to Brazil so I don’t have time right now :/

MILANI Lipstick: Teddy Bare

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Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

Ahhh, lipsticks.. I love them so much. They can make you feel like you are the sexiest and most confident woman alive, make you feel innocent and girly, cancel the color of your lips to give the eyes some attention or just add some color to complete your entire makeup look. Gotta love them! 😉

While I was walking at CVS, I found this shy shelf of Milani lipsticks, and decided to check them out, because they are not expensive and the package is so cute! Anyways, I was trying to find a nude lipstick with a brown-ish undertone, and picked the color called 29 TEDDY BARE! How cute this name is?

It has a brown undertone, that can be kinda “too dark” for some people, if they like pink nude lipsticks. Well, I really like brown lipsticks and this one is simply fabulous! This Milani lipstick is really creamy, easy to apply, it doesn’t make your lips feel dry, on the contrary, it makes your lips feel soft and great. It lasts on your lips for a great time, if we think that it’s a creamy lipstick, usually those are the ones that fade easier. This one does a great job! I’m in love with those lipsticks from Milani. They have several different colors, from the brightest pink you can imagine to the darkest plum color.

And this is how it looks like when applied no the lips:

I think it’s elegant. But that’s just my opinion. I bought it for US$5,49 (I think) and the price is excellent for the amazing quality. I have some lipsticks from Wet’n’Wild that I don’t like so much and they cost around 3 dollars. So I think that thinking about quality, go for the Milani! 🙂

Products I regret buying: H&M Matte Lipstick

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started! But this time, I have some bad news about a product I bought recently..

I bought a few beauty products at H&M, and one of them was a matte lipstick. I simply love matte lipsticks and I think they look classy, elegant, and most of them allow me to kiss my boyfriend, which is a big plus to me! Anyway, there were two colors available at the store, and I purchased the nude color. This one:


This is the color: Bardot – and apparently it looks gorgeous! But once I applied on my lips.. The true deception. Before I start to tell you all what I didn’t (and don’t) like about the lipstick, let’s see how it looks like on my lips.


This photo was taken right after I applied it, can you guys believe? Well, first of all, while I was applying the lipstick, I could feel the consistency of it, it does not stick on your lips, it’s like there is something magic between your lips and the lipstick that doesn’t let the lip-stick-to-the-lipstick. And I didn’t like the color for my skin tone, is too horrible, or maybe it was the lipstick. I’ll never know. I just know that it has a terrible consistency, it does not stick on your lips and it is weird, that’s the only thing I can say about it.

I bought it for US$5,00 and I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone, to be honest. Maybe someone can try it and tell me if it’s really that terrible, or if it was bad luck with this particular lipstick.

And also, my lips are always very hydrate and smooth because I apply lip balm all the time and I use the little toothbrush tip to scrub my lips! 😉

Well, good luck next time to me! I’ll talk to you guys soon! Bye!