Review: BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Colors Palette 2nd Edition

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Guess who’s back again? That’s right! Me! It’s really hard to keep up with two blogs, a YouTube Channel and a Facebook Page! Who said that a beauty blogger’s life is easy? No no no!

Today I will write a review about an eyeshadow palette that I recently purchased and am in love with it! Have you ever heard of a brand called BH Cosmetics? I found this brand on the internet when I was trying to purchase a good quality eyeshadow palette, for a cheap price! Yes, I always try to buy cheap-and-awesome things! So, they have several different palettes, good for every style, every look, everyone! Bh Cosmetics has 5 editions of their 120 eyshadows palette. It was really hard for me to choose one because they all look so pretty! I ended up buying the 2nd edition, and it looks like this:

DSC00439 DSC00435

As you can see, the palette has all of the colors we can imagine! It has green, blue, pink, purple, brown, red, orange.. Every color! You can mix and play with it to create different looks! I already have lots of neutral single eyeshadows so I wanted something really bright and fun! The pigmentation is great, it blends really well and I am really happy with it! Here some of the swatches for you to see:


I didn’t apply any primer before swatching it, so you can see that the colors by themselves are pretty pigmented and bright! Even the black, that tends to be chalky and grey-ish like. This palette has matte and satin finish colors!



This palette was US$16.95 + $7.95 (shipping) = $24,90 which I thought it is a great price for the quality and the variety of eyeshadow! Checking the website now I realized it is even cheaper! It is 50% off and it’s $14.95 + shipping. If you want to get yours, go to their website (click here). This link is not an affiliate link or sponsored link, whatsoever. It is a true review about this product! I purchased with my own money and I just want to give you guys my opinion about it!

And they won my heart when I saw the Take Me To Brazil eyeshadow palette!!! It has the bright yellow, green and blue brazilian colors and the packaging is flawless!

Isn’t it pretty? I just did not buy this one because I wanted more colors and a big variety! Anyways, I really recommend this palette and company if you are looking for some cheap-and-awesome palettes! They also have neutral palettes, less eyeshadows, lots of different palettes for every style you might have!


REVIEW: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – San Paulo

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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I’ve been gone but I always come back after awhile. I have two blogs and my main blog is the one I write in Portuguese so I apologize for the lack of posts here. Today I am going to talk about a NYX Lip Cream I bought a few months ago. NYX gives famous cities names to their Lip Creams, they have 20 or 22 shades and I couldn’t say no to my compulsive soul.. I bought the Lip Cream San Paulo, only because it’s named after a Brazilian City! 😉

San Paulo is an awesome pink shade, not too bright, not too nude. It’s the perfect pink for when you need that pop of color in your lips without going too over the top with it!



Those Lip Creams have a Matte finish and they are not dry like other Matte lipsticks I’ve tried before. Like the package says

“Neither lipstick nor lip gloss, this matte lip cream is a new kind of lip color that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish. Soft Matte Lip Cream is surprisingly durable and, unlike some matte lipstick formulas, also moisturizing.”

And it’s true! It does not feel like a lipstick and it doesn’t feel like a lip gloss. It’s creamy, matte and smooth when applied. Like every matte lipgloss, you should treat your lips before (if they are flaky), and make sure it does not have any skin showing.

The only thing I don’t like so much about this lip cream is that it is hard to achieve the real color. You must really pay attention to the  details and apply it carefully. I need to apply several coats to build up the color, which can be annoying if you are in a hurry. But I am not easily annoyed with cosmetics in general so it doesn’t bother me. I love the fact that after you apply it, it dries pretty quick and you can even kiss your boyfriend and it won’t come off like a creamy normal lipstick.

I’m not sure if I would recommend it because I know some other people who have the same problem as me, and I’m talking about a light color. Can you imagine a darker color? It’s probably even worse to apply. I bought it at Target and the price range is around US$6,00. It’s worth trying it, maybe I will try another color just to make sure! 🙂

How to make you concealer last forever! Quick and easy!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Hey, I know.. I know that I’ve been gone, but I’ve been working so much lately. I even worked this sunday because of Easter, can you believe it? So I don’t have any free time not even to do my nails as often as I like to do them, hahaha! But I came here today to share with you something that I learned and it has been helping me a lot lately! Here in Brazil is really hot (I live in a city near Rio de Janeiro) and makeup is something that melts in 2 hours. Especially me, I have combination/oily skin and here is really humid. In USA I don’t have problems with oily skin, it actually gets really dry hahaha. But here is something awful. So I have to always keep an eye open for the tips and secrets to make the products last more than a couple of hours on my face! And I’ve found something very interesting to keep the concealer on for a long time! Let’s try it? You’ll need:

  • Your LIQUID concealer
  • Facial/Eye moisturizer
  • Primer (eyeshadow primer can be used as well!)

Did you get all these things? Promise? Let’s keep going then!

  1. Wash your face like you usually do, with your cleanser, tonic, astringent, etc.
  2. Apply your eye cream on your under eye area.
  3. Wait for your skin to absorb it, then re-apply the eye cream.
  4. Repeat the process.. Wait for it to dry and apply more eye cream.
  5. Apply a tiny little bit of primer under your eyes.
  6. Then apply your liquid concealer.
  7. IF you want, you can apply a little little little bit of powder, but it isn’t necessary!

What’s the big key? If you over hydrate your under eye area, it’ll be so smooth that your skin will not get dry and crease your concealer, especially because you applied the primer! And why do you need to use liquid and not cream or mousse concealer? Well, the liquid concealers usually dry really fast and don’t crease. Cream concealers are made to cover imperfections around the face, but once applied on the eyes, it tends to crease and show the little expression lines quickly. I tried those steps and my concealer lasted for longer than it usually do. And I live in a place where the makeup melts in two hours hahahahaha! I hope you will find this tip easy and awesome!


That’s it, guys! I’ll talk to you soon, I promise! Bye

Outfit of the day!


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Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

Last Friday I met some friends and we all had dinner, it was so much fun! There were three Brazilians, and two americans that speak portuguese! And my boyfriend, that speaks a tiny but awesome Portuguese, haha. Anyway, it was so cool to be able to talk a little bit in Portuguese in a restaurant. Kyle, if you are reading this, let’s hang out more often!!

So, I just want to show you guys what was my outfit for that night.


It was a simple outfit, but I love it! High heels boots, jeans, long sleeve skull shirt and jacket. The jacket is the key part of the outfit, because it has some spikes, nice cut, different fabrics, it has a bright green color on the inside and I think it’s the perfect thing to wear if you want something to stand out in your outfit. Usually when it’s cold we need to wear jackets, scarves, hats (depending on the temperature), so we need to find ways to make it awesome! In this particular outfit, the boots and jacket were the key parts of my outfit.


For the makeup, I did something slightly smokey for the eyes and I wore a bright red lipstick to shock society (ahaha). Usually if you wear smokey eyes, you cancel the lips to make the eyes stand more, but I did the opposite, I made the lips fight with my eyes, and I liked the results of it.


Some photos were taken with the phone so that’s why the quality is not so good..

This look you can wear with combat boots, statement accessories, make a cool modern hair with it. I just didn’t have time to do anything with my hair, so I just let it free to do whatever, hahaha. Yeah, I’m known by my honesty. 😉

I’m still having a hard time trying to find time to post more often, but I’m thinking about making a schedule for myself, that way I can stick with it and post everyday, or every other day. We’ll see, I want to make this blog awesome! I love it, it’s one of my passions and I do it for you guys! ❤

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MILANI Lipstick: Teddy Bare

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Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

Ahhh, lipsticks.. I love them so much. They can make you feel like you are the sexiest and most confident woman alive, make you feel innocent and girly, cancel the color of your lips to give the eyes some attention or just add some color to complete your entire makeup look. Gotta love them! 😉

While I was walking at CVS, I found this shy shelf of Milani lipsticks, and decided to check them out, because they are not expensive and the package is so cute! Anyways, I was trying to find a nude lipstick with a brown-ish undertone, and picked the color called 29 TEDDY BARE! How cute this name is?

It has a brown undertone, that can be kinda “too dark” for some people, if they like pink nude lipsticks. Well, I really like brown lipsticks and this one is simply fabulous! This Milani lipstick is really creamy, easy to apply, it doesn’t make your lips feel dry, on the contrary, it makes your lips feel soft and great. It lasts on your lips for a great time, if we think that it’s a creamy lipstick, usually those are the ones that fade easier. This one does a great job! I’m in love with those lipsticks from Milani. They have several different colors, from the brightest pink you can imagine to the darkest plum color.

And this is how it looks like when applied no the lips:

I think it’s elegant. But that’s just my opinion. I bought it for US$5,49 (I think) and the price is excellent for the amazing quality. I have some lipsticks from Wet’n’Wild that I don’t like so much and they cost around 3 dollars. So I think that thinking about quality, go for the Milani! 🙂