Try to avoid beauty products that contain alcohol!

Hello, hello! Time to save money and stay beautiful! So come on and let’s get started!

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Do you love that dry clean sensation after cleansing or applying an alcohol based product on your face? We all do. Or at least, I used to. And I’ll explain why!

I’ve always had a toner or astringent containing a good percentage of alcohol in my beauty products. It was part of my beauty routine and I would die without it. I could feel my skin so clean and refreshed after. I used to apply the astringent with a cotton ball and I would feel that cool sensation on my skin. Who doesn’t love that? Well, our skin doesn’t.

Alcohol is very commom in beauty products, and it can be the most active ingredient. I have a Neutrogena astringent that contains 45% of alcohol in its formula! Can you believe that? It’s like applying pure alcohol on your face! I was shocked when I saw it. Alcohol is used by companies to make thick and sticky skin-care products more watery and pleasant to the skin. Nobody likes that thick cream and the more serum-like the product is, the more we like it! The alcohol also helps the skin product to last longer and prevent bacterias and fungus to develop in the product. Not only that, but alcohol helps the other active ingredients to penetrate the skin better, by breaking down the surface barrier of the skin, which… is not a good thing, let’s be honest.

We can think that alcohol evaporates quickly and it doesn’t stay long on the skin, but its effects are instant. The moment alcohol touches the skin, the problems begin. We feel our skin oil-free, dry, and apparently clean. But what we don’t know is that our skin loses its natural moisture and water. As a result, our skin freaks out and tries to balance this lack of moisture, by producing even more oil than normal. So the more you think you are getting rid of the oil in your face, the more your skin is producing oil to balance things. Then you apply more and more alcohol based products, and things get into a never ending cycle!! In a long term, this cycle causes many side effects such as wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, skin inflammation, itching, burning, skin flaking, roughness, etc. Yes, this is true!

Since I stopped using my astringent with alcohol I noticed an improvement even in my fine lines. My skin is not as oily as before and is healthier. Who knew that a product to stop the oil would be causing the skin to produce more oil? My tip for you is to avoid alcohol based products and choose the alcohol-free skin-care products instead. Now the beauty companies are aware that we have an eye on the ingredients and are trying to make healthier and more natural beauty products! We all love it!

And as always, stay beautiful!